Do Skylights Always Leak?

“Do skylights always leak,” is a question we hear from new clients. Skylights are a valuable addition to your home. It brightens up the look and feel of your room and makes it look more spacious. They optimize the usage of natural sunlight and reduces the dependence on artificial lighting at day times. Moreover skylights allow the external heat in winter, making rooms comfortable and reducing energy bills. Such an utility asset however deserves great care and maintenance. Many a times, natural wear and tear along with weathering results in leaking skylights which are a major headache for property owners.

Skylight Specialists in East Hampton

This brings us to a pertinent question which has been resonating through the ages:  Do skylights always leak? Skylights are actually infamous for showing signs of leakage over time, especially during heavy rainfall or snowfall. As a house owner you should be well aware of the drawbacks of a skylight which add an extra dash of beauty to your home. If proper care and timely maintenance is not ensured, the costs can be far more than the benefits. Even the best of modern skylights are prone to leaking if not installed properly. If you are in New York, we highly recommend the experts at Golden Hands Skylight Leaks and to not opt for cutting costs through amateur installations. 

What To Look Out For

If you have a leaking skylight, where do you start? Immediately look for the best Skylight repair Long Island NY and let Golden Hands assess the damage and figure out the root cause of leakage. The common major problems which occur can be due to the following reasons:

1. Improper Installation

When you are installing a new Skylight you are essentially creating a hole in your roof prior to fitting the Skylight. There are extremely high chances of hairline crevices remaining in the roof post installation that can grow up to major fault lines resulting in a steady seepage of water and extensive damage to the interior walls. Thus experienced installers are a must for installation in either residential or commercial properties in New York.

2. Broken Flashing

Flashing is a sheet metal component installed on the roof to drain out water and essentially create an effective sealing around the skylight. If the flashing gets damaged, it can be fortunately replaced without having to replace the skylight. Many-a-times the cement coating between the skylight and the flashing too might leak resulting in water seepage.

3. Weak Seal

With passage of time, the seal connecting the skylight framework to the lens may degrade resulting in sudden water seepage and internal damage. Periodic checks are a must especially before the strong rains and snowfalls.

4. Condensation

Often due to significant temperature difference between the room and the outside, the skylight window can get foggy or show a small amount of water deposition. Presence of proper insulation and use of dehumidifiers can sort out the problem and prevent water seepage.

If you are stuck in the house with a leaking roof, don’t panic. Simply use your phone and search for Skylights Repairmen Near me, and you will get hundreds of results from your vicinity. However, check out the trusted reviews for Golden Hands and the quality of our work.